When Personal Becomes Portable: The Future of the Empowered Patient

Anil Sethi anil@gliimpse.com


The future of the EHR (Electronic Health Record) is ... the PHR (Personal Health Record). It’s a provocative notion to suggest that within a decade of the healthcare industry’s induction of its ERP system, the EHR will give way to PHRs (despite multiple failed attempts at PHR innovation by leading technology companies like Google and Microsoft). I’ll extrapolate from other industries where supply chain participants have been disintermediated by "the rise of the consumer." Just like banking’s nondescript ERP systems have been relegated to the back office, while disruption advances the consumer's front-line through innovations in novel payment systems, medicines own EHR will become a shadow of itself, which currently absorbs scarce resources and budgets. Instead replaced by healthcare’s equivalent of self-serve ATMs, credit cards and mobile tools, the PHR is the emerging currency at the center of consumer health – resulting in data liquidity powering a vibrant e-health marketplace. I will provide both market evidence and pragmatic illustrations. Why this move must occur, why curating a longitudinal health data for and around the patient is the key to abating US Healthcare costs. Finally, although advances in genomic technology have exceeded Moore’s Law, I’ll illustrate why the business of Next-Generation Sequencing will fail, without the keys of the phenotype to unlock its meaning. Yes, how the PHR is this key. The speaker is on his fifth health startup, has 30 years of health tech background, and as the “Father of the CDA” is experienced in US standards development. Time permitting, will provide a live demonstration of the above notions. 

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