Genetic screening is not the future. It's the present.

Laura Martini


President Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative during his 2015 State of the Union address, with the goal of making DNA data more useful for personalizing medical treatment to a particular patient. It’s clear that genetic screening will play an increasingly important role in healthcare in the future.

In truth, information about a patient’s DNA already drives many medical decisions, sometimes in surprising ways. How have we gotten here? What barriers – technological, logistical and ethical – has the genetic testing industry already overcome to become part of routine medical care for some specialties? What challenges still remain in order for the field to live up to the expectations laid out in the Precision Medicine Initiative?

Laura Martini, Director of Product Design at Counsyl, a health technology company providing genetic testing and counseling services, will discuss the medical genomics landscape as seen through the lens of her role doing user-centered design at a commercial testing lab.
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