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Page 546 – Stanford Medicine X

Will your healthcare data "play in Peoria?"

Christopher Campbell ccampbell@redspin.com


This presentation will pose a question that should be simple but is not: who is using my healthcare information? In the first half we will discuss the myriad ways healthcare data is being manipulated through distribution, analysis and profiling outside of the healthcare profession and community, much of it through mHealth, web applications, targeted advertising and marketing. 

The second half will address security best practices on both sides of the coin – the ePatients on one side and technology professionals on the other. The intention is to discuss mitigating strategies that are unique to each, and the transparency that is needed in order to better align the goals of both sides:

1. The ePatients and consumers who need to ensure the integrity and security of their own health and identity information, in order to guard against medical record and identity theft. Specific strategies for safeguarding one’s personal data will be presented, such as identifying social engineering tactics and understanding how to lock down privacy controls in social media.

2. Entrepreneurs and professionals, especially those in the technology and marketing fields, who need to carefully balance building a profitable business model while complying with numerous state and federal regulations. The security strategies for this audience will be focused towards technology startups in web/mobile app development, social media and cloud services.

It has become too often that we hear about another health system reporting a breach of medical records numbering in the millions, and it is because a medical record and health profile is more valuable than you may realize. Even when medical information is shared in a beneficial capacity, it leads to an exponentially increasing security risk that your healthcare data – and your identity – will be breached. The next wave of healthcare data breaches will not be from hospitals and health systems, it will be from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and Madison Avenue.

Join one of the leading experts nationally in healthcare IT security, and the Vice President and Managing Consultant of a healthcare-focused security consulting firm, to discuss how your health data is mined and distributed, and the methods to mitigate the inherent security risks from these practices. This insight is derived from conducting IT security consulting engagements for over 25 hospitals, including two of the top ten in the U.S., and dozens of business associates in technology, revenue cycle and marketing. 

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