How to Sell into the Health System

Mandira Singh


How do you get your foot in the door with large healthcare systems when there is little access and few success stories? Entrepreneurs often lack the resources to go from a high-potential concept to a built-out service in market. However, the barriers to entry are not as insurmountable as one might think. Part of athenahealth’s core strategy is to help innovators connect with those in need of solutions. Mandira Singh, who heads athenahealth’s More Disruption Please (MDP) program, will reveal her tricks of the trade, including how to position a Health IT company to sell into the behemoths of enterprise, how to lower the sales cycle, and ways to effectively spend marketing and sales dollars. This will be a working session so bring ideas to pitch.
athenahealth is a cloud-based healthcare technology services company that serves medical groups and large health enterprises across the United States.
More Disruption Please (MDP) is athenahealth’s innovation and partnership program. Since 2010, MDP has been committed to disrupting the status quo in healthcare by delivering access and connectivity to innovative solutions. The program is comprised of three components: the MDP Network, the athenahealth Marketplace and the MDP Accelerator, designed to incubate, bring products to market and allow different companies to connect.
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