Opportunities for Digital Health in Perioperative Medicine

Brandi Sinkfield sinkfib2@stanford.edu


Digital health is an evolving term that is broadly used to describe the convergence of digital technologies with health, healthcare, and wellbeing1,2. Technologies used in digital health are unique and usually distinct from traditional hospital-based IT systems and include: wearable sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), telemedicine, mobile connectivity, social networking, and cloud-based computing systems which are leveraged in a manner designed to improve health.

In this article, we attempt to make a case for digital health in the context of perioperative medicine. We propose a framework of four pillars of digital health that provide opportunities for innovation and improvement of perioperative medicine in the 21st century: 1) patient engagement, 2) behavior change, 3) prediction and prevention, 4) connection.

Anesthesiologists have a unique opportunity to lead the digital health revolution in perioperative medicine. Allocation of resources for research, development and implementation of digital health solutions will be essential to success.

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