3D Print-Powered Patient Engagement & Precision: Tomorrow's practice of medicine breaking ground today

Monika Wittig monika@livearchitecture.net
Steven Keating stevejkeating@gmail.com
Raheel Ata raheel@stanford.edu
Michael Golway mgolway@advancedsolutions.com


Grasp the ever-advancing practices of additive manufacturing in medicine... from empowering patients and doctors with greater visualization abilities in diagnostics to custom surgical models and life-saving implants. Meet patient pioneers exploring cutting-edge technologies in their quest to empower their own engagement with paths of care. Understand the impact of a production process capable of delivering mass customized solutions. Move beyond body-safe plastics and into the functional prints of a 6 axis human tissue printing robot-- here tomorrow's bio-fabricated organ is taking shape in a very precise way today.

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