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Strings on a Marionette: The hidden interactions that create a patient experience. Insights from a patient and designer.

Nuzi Barkatally nuzi@mac.com


At Dollar Shave Club, my role as an experience designer (XD) is to be an advocate for the user, designing a cohesive and continuous branded experience across all channels for our customer. I'm part of a team that designs products, process, interactions, and services that ladder up to an experience our customer feels and engages with. Sometimes our customers don't see all the workings that create a positive customer experience, but it is up to us as designers to keep those strings hidden and to not ruin the magic of the show.

What does this have to do with health care? Well, my role as an Experience Designer is a huge contrast to my role as a patient. For the past 14 years, I've battled a chronic illness called Crohn's Disease. In this other world my role is reversed. I'm on the other side of the show. As a patient navigating the health care experience, there isn't a whole lot of magic, and because I'm a designer, I see all the hidden strings that can make an experience a positive or negative one.

At Dollar Shave Club we take great care in designing every detail of the customer experience. We need to ask ourselves what are the hidden interactions in the health care experience? How can these hidden interactions ladder up to a positive patient experience? And how do we prioritize all these hidden interactions for the most impact? In this talk I will answer all of these questions while sharing my insights as both a patient and designer living in two worlds.
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