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Diverge to Converge: Using patient journey maps to identify moments that matter for health care design

Soren DeOrlow soren@resonancepartne.rs
Abbe Don abbegaildon@gmail.com


The health care landscape continues to face dramatic change due to new technologies and therapies, rising costs, and the ever-present demand to improve clinical outcomes and the patient experience. It has also become increasingly urgent to prevent physician and caregiver burn out.

Opportunities for innovation are often found by understanding the needs of multiple stakeholders in a broad context. Most health care experiences involve many people working simultaneously to achieve a goal.

How might we visualize the moments that matter to help identify opportunities for innovation?

In this workshop, we will provide an overview of the Design Thinking process, and then teach people how to create their own patient journey maps. A patient journey map is an overview of the patient experience through the lens of multiple stakeholders. Journey maps enable design teams to identify the tangible aspects of the experience as well as the intangibles, such as emotional highs and lows, opportunities for learning, and areas of complete break down. By creating a visual map, it becomes clear where the richest opportunities for innovation lie.

We will share journey maps from previous projects, both in health care and other domains, to show how they have helped product and innovation teams come up with new solutions.

Using techniques honed working with a variety of clients while at IDEO as well as in-house at athenahealth, we will then lead people through a series of hands-on exercises to create their own journey map. We will provide attendees with material to work with on topics that we have observed are common across multiple care settings such as “Care Coordination,” “Discharge Planning,” and “Chronic Care at Home.” However, the format is flexible enough to support attendees to pursue any topic of interest to them.

Attendees will leave with their own journey map as well as a set of next steps to pursue design opportunities within their organization.

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