The power of including everyone in the design of clinical trials

Liza Bernstien
Andrea Downing
Rob Royea
Alicia Staley


In the past, when conducting clinical trials for medical devices, device companies would design the trial, recruit participants, and interpret results.

ePatients are breaking ground in the co-design of clinical trials as partners. This panel discussion will explore the ways that Cyrcadia Health partnered with ePatients to advise and co-design a randomized clinical trial for a wearable device to screen for breast cancer, particularly in women with dense breast tissue.

Here is what we will cover:

1 – We will share some background on the historical lack of innovation in breast cancer screening options and discuss why a more accurate/affordable wearable device can offer an alternative to screening mammography.

2 – We will explain how patient-centered design/the Everyone Included framework helped Cyrcadia Health build a better clinical trial through Stanford’s Everyone Included Program.

3 – We will discuss how/why partnering with ePatients and patient-centered design thinking is necessary to design better clinical trials.

4 – We will share lessons learned (since it was the first time we tried something like this, we learned a lot!).

5 – Finally, we will highlight outcomes for the Cyrcadia study expanding to Asia.
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