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Infusionarium: Where would you choose to heal? Treatment at the intersection of Medicine and Disney Imagineering

Roger Holzberg roger@reimaginewell.com


Building on Disney theme parks “architecture of reassurance,” the Infusionarium is at the intersection of medicine and imagineering, utilizing education, entertainment and empowerment to create an “architecture of healing” across the entire patient journey.

- At Diagnosis / Patients and families get hospital orientation in a human, dynamic and “as needed” way. Patients are asked, “If you could get your treatment anywhere in the universe, and there were no rules, what place would best promote your healing?”
- During Treatment / Patients receive infusions in their own “immersive healing environments,” and travel virtually (via live events) to places that inspire them to survive. The roadmap continues with dynamic educational media to guide and inform decisions.
- For Healing & Wellbeing / The original care team guides these phases at home via digital “learn guides” on the patient/families’ personal smart devices. A private support network, curated by their hospital team, helps to define their “new normal”and facilitates the creation of a guided, long-term wellness plan.

This session will be hosted by Roger Holzberg, creator of the Infusionarium system and education platform, a former award winning VP creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering, and the first (consulting) creative director for the National Cancer Inst. Infusionariums are now installed at 11 locations, the “immersive healing network” is live in over 300 hospital rooms (via smart TVs), and the education/support network is in use on over 5200 patient/family smart devices.

Presentation Objectives:
1. Provide an overview of how Disney’s “architecture of reassurance” translates into an “architecture of healing.”
2. Provide an overview and demonstration of several of the pediatric and Adolescent Young Adult (AYA) “patient vision teams” explaining why they believe their “immersive environment(s)” will be healing for them while they are in chemotherapy.
3. Demonstrate how to create a virtual field trip that expands the patient’s immersive healing place and use the example of patients connected to a Planetary Protection Engineer at NASA’s JPL at the “Mars Yard.”
4. Offer best practices on how to integrate a multimedia technology system into a pediatric or AYA child life program.
5. Share learnings on the effectiveness of VR tools in patient programs (including large screens, VR Head Mounted Display viewers, interactive environmental theming).

The session aspires to lay the groundwork for merging traditional child life services and overall patient activities with technology, imagination and personalized empowerment to reduce anxiety, depression and loneliness during the entire patient journey. 
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