Better Together: Early results from a novel clinical program to combat senior loneliness

Robin Caruso


The negative health effects of loneliness have been well documented and often discussed. But, for the first time, a health plan and delivery system is moving beyond talk and attacking senior loneliness as part of its clinical model. In this presentation, CareMore Chief Officer, Robin Caruso, will provide early insight into how this novel “togetherness” program is working and share what the health system can learn by making social determinants of health, like loneliness, central to providing good care. Led by a newly appointed Chief Togetherness Officer, this CareMore program seeks to identify seniors who are feeling socially isolated, and determine appropriate vehicles to engage these individuals, whether that be through volunteer programs in the community, classes at CareMore Care Centers, or otherwise. What efforts are having the greatest impact on patient health and well-being? What areas require further exploration? How are patients responding? This session will seek to answer these questions and engage the audience in discussion about broadening the scope and, ultimately impact, of traditional care.
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