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Delivering Care of the Future, Today: Speeding Adoption of Clinical Innovation

Masoud Rabie masoud.rabie@reingold.com


How do we deliver the care of the future today? By creating a learning health system.

If it seems to you that clinical innovations and new evidence-based practices take too long to spread throughout a health system, you’re right. According to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM), evidence-based clinical practices can take an average of 17 years to reach patients.

As an industry, how do we improve care delivery by streamlining that dissemination process? How do we communicate and replicate the best new innovations, solutions, and research across a health system? How do you prioritize practices to implement them faster — and advance care, improve outcomes, and enhance patients’ lives?

For the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the answer is VA Pulse — a digital workplace hub that’s over 100,000 employees strong. VA Pulse is the platform for clinicians to collect, identify, vet, and diffuse cutting-edge health care practices.

Learn about VA’s proven strategies to spread innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, that have resulted in more than 300 practices implemented across 100 facilities nationwide.

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