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Page 635 – Stanford Medicine X

Healthy Innovation: Nevada as a new model for population health

Christos Galanopoulos christos23@mac.com
Emily Drabant Conley emily@23andme.com
Joe Grzymski Joe.Grzymski@dri.edu
Anthony Slonim ASlonim@renown.org


Having just launched one of the largest community-sponsored population health and genetics program in the United States and globally, the Renown Institute for Health Innovation, born from a partnership between Renown Health and the internationally recognized Desert Research Institute, and 23andMe, are changing how we think of population health and genetic research.

Learn how this unique collaboration recruited 10,000 Nevadans (including the Governor) in less than 48 hours, offering the opportunity for Nevadans from all backgrounds and walks of life to volunteer for research and gain access to their personal genetic information at no cost. The panel will discuss why this model has the potential to change our understanding of population health.

We will discuss how a team of doctors, data experts, environmental scientists, and one of the most innovative health tech companies are working together in combining genetic data with health records, population data, and detailed environmental research databases, to model public health risks ranging from disease and illness to the effects of air and water quality on the health of Nevadans.

Hear a story about how an environmental research institution, a locally owned, not-for-profit integrated healthcare network, and a personalized genetics company came together to do something big for Nevada. The panel will discuss how this pilot project went from an “idea” to launch in less than three months, recruited 10,000 Nevadans (including the Governor) from ages 18 to 88, and where it is now.

Hear from the professor who is building an infrastructure to apply this population health pilot to approximately 2.8 million Nevada residents – enabling researchers to build predictive models and to look for significant population health factors across demographic variables (gender, age, income, location), and distinct population health strata that consider community health, individual health, and chronic disease variables.

Hear from the President and CEO who has transformed the region’s largest health system’s approach to engaging with the community who has a vision for the future of healthcare that challenges existing models and goes beyond the hospital walls to address the health status of entire communities.

Hear from the Physician leader who is driving this innovative approach to the front lines in the management of cancer and empowering patients not only to participate, but ‘own’ their health choices and behaviors.

Hear from the Founder CEO and head of the team at 23andMe that launched the Genotyping Services for Research platform and the future of direct to consumer genetics testing and research.

Hear from this unique team of innovative thinkers who are attempting to change models of healthcare and how these changes may impact generations of families and has piqued the interest and collaboration of leading global institutions such as the team from the LSE Health at the London School of Economics.
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