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Page 654 – Stanford Medicine X

A vision to crowdsource the curing of disease (Presented by a patient who took health into his own hands and managed to get his hypercholesteremia and psoriasis into remission naturally)

Elias Bizannes elias@svfoundry.com


This presentation will share a case study of a patient (the presenter) that brought to control and remission two common health chronic health conditions through natural means: hypercholesteremia and psoriasis. (And will describe what was learned in the process.) It will conclude with a call to arms to an Internet age approach to how we approach the prevention, treatment and curing of disease.

(1) Case-study about a traditional doctor treating disease that affects 31 million Americans (hypercholesteremia) and an incurable auto-immune disease (psoriasis) that affects 8 million Americans
* Patient was prescribed statins as an otherwise healthy 28 year-old that could have created downstream problems and instead ignored the doctor and focussed on nutrition. The experience revealed the problems with the health system system.
* A theory on a cure for psoriasis based on studying the genome, gut bacteria, and pubmed. It's working.

(2) What was learned about the process:
* Doctors, or rather any human, cannot keep up with the increased pace of research.
* Patients are frustrated at the system and congregate on the Internet, swapping notes about what doctors tell them and their own experiments.
* We need to have medical practitioners supervising any type of treatment, but right now there is a growing gap between doctors and patients of chronic conditions that is dangerous. There is a whole industry of snake oil salesmen rallying against the medical establishment, targeting and running these communities: that is bad, but also an opportunity.

(3) To fix health care, we need to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative medicine.
* Explanation of two treatments that bring psoriasis to remission.
** Sunlight: western medicine knows it works but no doctor can really explain why
** Turmeric and Neem Oil: well known in Ayurvedic medicine, a 3000 year old practice in medicine from India but not in the west
* The American-led Western approach to health biases treatments that are expensive to develop and treats symptoms whilst vilifying alternative treatments that work for patients.
* Evidenced-based is an important tenet of western medicine, whilst holistic health approaches are the tenet of alternative health. They are complementary approaches.

(4) A vision for the future. Building out the platform for crowdsourcing the curing of disease
* We are working with psoriasis patients, collecting the data of what works for them with a database (circa March 2017) of 65 solutions and growing. A lot of these items are over-the-counter products with scant evidence supporting them, so ignored by the traditional medical system but with strong claims that they work with patients.
* We are collecting the broader health information of patients to better understand what solutions work best for them to personalise solutions.
* Join us! We want doctors as well as patients to be on a mission to crowdsource the collection of evidence, (which is already happening it’s just not being captured). It will scale discovery beyond the confines of a lab and develop evidence beyond the straightjacket of the current system that biases only certain types of treatments for the 75% of diseases that have yet to be cured.
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