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At PatientTalk.com see how compelling patient videos and expert medical advice form a powerful connection

John Symes jpsymes@patienttalk.com


Patient Talk features real patients, caregivers and medical experts, on our video-centric website, sharing their experiences dealing with a life changing diagnosis and banding together to form a supportive community connected through video. Patient Talk was created by former Paramount Network Television, Executive-Vice President of Creative Affairs and CEO/ President of MGM Worldwide Television, John Symes. Throughout his career, Symes worked to bring quality entertainment programs like Cheers, Family Ties, Star Trek: The Next Generation, MacGyver, Entertainment Tonight and Frasier to audiences throughout the world. Symes career was cut short by 40 years of chronic back pain that resulted in five major surgeries over the last 10 years. It was his wife, Meg that served as the inspiration for Patient Talk. After seeing his wife diagnosed with breast cancer, John became the caregiver. He went to every one of Meg's doctor appointments and began to see that his wife was losing so much of what the doctors were telling her after their meetings. He saw how the emotional and mental strain of deciding on a treatment protocol was wearing on her. It wasn't until Meg reached out to a friend that had been diagnosed with the exact same type of breast cancer that she came around to accepting her doctor’s recommendation to have lumpectomy surgery and then go through radiation. He saw the power of the patient-to-patient connection and set out to capture that for a wider audience. To launch Patient Talk, Symes raised almost $500,000 to design and built the website and produced its first four series on breast cancer, obesity, back pain, and joint replacements. The site currently provides 25 hours of original content and is available to the consumer. Patient Talk is in production on its next two series about Lyme disease and Multiple Sclerosis and plans to produce at least 10-12 new series a year for the next five years. Patient Talk commissioned an exhaustive consumer research study to see if our concept and content worked for the consumer. The results exceeded our greatest expectations, some of which are included in our PowerPoint presentation. In addition, on slide six, CEO and Founder, John Symes explains on a video why the time is right for Patient Talk. Patient Talk is intended to be an advertising supported platform. At its core, Patient Talk is an educational and aspirational website that is there for patients, caregivers, and loved ones to better understand how patients respond to the discovery of a disease, how to treat it and deal with the side effects that come with the territory, as well as providing key support and communication tools to get everyone involved through the uncharted waters of dealing with a difficult diagnosis, be it critical (breast cancer) or chronic (obesity).
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