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A global grassroots consortium of patient organizations, advocates, startups, and leaders in the pharmaceutical industry is helping lung cancer patients gain access to and education about next-generation genomic testing and treatment options

Esther Schorr esther.schorr@outlook.com
Andrew Schorr andrew@patientpower.info


"A unique consortium of patient organizations, advocates, startups, and leaders in the pharmaceutical industry recently launched Precision Medicine for Me, a program and web portal dedicated to providing support to patients who want to access the best possible information and services related to precision medicine. This grassroots effort aims to help ensure that all patients have access to next-generation tumor testing and the latest treatment options, including promising new drugs being tested in clinical trials. The collaborative is building a replicable and measurable model to increase patient awareness about and engagement in precision medicine. The project was initiated by Patient Power, a patient empowerment organization, and Antidote, a clinical trial matching startup. The team recognized the difficulty for patients to learn about and gain access to genomic testing unless they are treated at a major cancer center. This means that many patients cannot benefit from the latest treatments, both approved and in development. Other leading patient organizations, including PatientsLikeMe, SurviveIt, Lung Cancer Alliance, Lung Cancer Foundation of America, Free to Breathe, Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, and Patient Empowerment Foundation joined the consortium and now provide free, best-in-class information and support services for patients. The group is driven by the belief that precision medicine with personalized outcomes is the future, and getting information and access into the hands of patients now could give them additional good quality years of life. To get there, next-generation genomic tests need to become part of the standard of care. The initial web portal is focused on lung cancer, the number one cancer killer and an area in which many of the most promising precision medicine treatments are being used or tested. Additional therapeutic areas will be addressed in the coming months. The presentation panel will include key members of the Precision Medicine for Me consortium - Esther and Andrew Schorr (care partner and CLL survivor), and Sarah Kerruish from Antidote (the clinical trial finder tool provider) to discuss the project. Joining them will be a lung cancer survivor who benefited from genomic testing that surfaced precise and successful treatment options.”
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