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Traumatic Brain Injury care tool

Rohit Agrawal rohitash@bu.edu


Introduction: +note will provide patients with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and their caregivers access to integrated custom rehabilitation planning, care plan and curated resources.
Every year over 1.7 Million Individuals sustain a TBI in the United States. About 40% of those hospitalized with a TBI have the most frequent pain, points of stress and emotional upsets, and issues with patient`s compliance with treatment due to limited access to curated, custom information in coordination with their care plan.
User Problem
Patients with TBI need patient centric mechanisms to understand and to stay on their track with their cognitive health in order to achieve maximum compliance with their rehabilitation plan.
Our Solution
+note incorporates a custom, patient-centric digital rehabilitation calendar, detailed care plan, and TBI Library of personalized, curated resources for patients and their caregivers designed using user centered design principles.
+note aims to improve patients’ compliance with their rehabilitation plan and their emotional well-being by aggregating data via voice recognition technology, qualitative sources, and open APIs.
+note will be a tool designed to address directly the TBI patient needs as well as the health care providers for significantly improved outcomes by helping the patients stay on track with their care plan.
Why digital solution?
Leading digital health experts estimate that applications with the greatest potential are those that provide remote consultation, connect to other data sources, and provide an open API, which is what we provide. Specifically, the global health care Natural Language Processing (NLP) market is expected to grow from $1.10 billion in 2015 to $2.67 billion by 2020. Digital technology is enabling change when coupled with government-enabled policies. Insurance companies are now providing rehab health coverage as part of a value-based plan.
What is the long-term vision for your company?
Our end goal is to establish a bridge between health care providers, community, and rehabilitation services, as well as to provide easy access to digital care plans. We want to improve patient engagement in addition to connecting patients who are at risk from physical injuries.
Achievements and recognition –
Our +note solution recently won the Best Design Award
We are working with Spaulding Rehabilitation Center Accelerator program (Boston) and working closely with rehabilitation Experts.
Work in progress-
1) Developing low-res prototype, incorporating voice recognition, and analysis technology. Our prototype will be done in few weeks.
2) Interviewing many clinicians in group settings and individually to understand the clinical pain points and clinical rehabilitation landscape.
3) Developing usable, high-res prototype for both the user (selfie-taking) base and for the researcher.
4) Identifying 3 health care provider researchers
3) Reaching out to patient groups for the interviews.
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