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Designing a Future Free of Heart Attack and Stroke: How wearable blood pressure technology changes the landscape of heart health

Ranndy Kellogg sgoodell@mww.com


Current data shows that 78% of health care consumers wear, or are willing to wear, technology to track their lifestyle or vital signs. Many of those consumers were introduced to the concept of wearable health technology through fitness bands that track steps, calories or heart rate – functions that are now being adopted by smartwatches. The revolution in wearable devices promoting health has generated consumer awareness and interest; but, for the most part, devices on the market to-date have been more novelty than necessity. Now, however, one of the most vital pieces of health data – blood pressure – can be measured accurately by a wristwatch-form device.

Introduced as a prototype at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, the Project Zero 2.0 wrist blood pressure monitor developed by Omron Healthcare is the first-ever truly wearable, medically accurate blood pressure monitor. The device marks the first time that FDA standard oscillometric measurement technology has been miniaturized sufficiently to fit in the form of a watch (with an approximately 25mm band). Multiple Omron-patented technologies, including a redesigned cuff, make the design possible.

The result is a portable, even stylish, medical device that measures blood pressure with clinical accuracy at the push of a button. The device will also measure physical activity and sleep, two other key components to heart health. And the Bluetooth-enabled device syncs with an Omron app, which allows users to track and share vital data with their health care providers.

The impact of this design revolution can be profound. Heart disease is the number one killer in this country. Nearly 80 million Americans suffer from hypertension. Many are at risk of heart attack or stroke, or have suffered an event already. Those who regularly use devices to monitor the blood pressure numbers have better insight into the nuances of their health; they are better able to share important data that enables doctors to adjust treatment plans for better outcomes; they are inspired and empowered to make impactful, lasting behavior changes that improve quality of life.

Omron Healthcare has focused its product development and innovation on the mission of eradicating heart disease and stroke (Going for Zero). Company President & CEO Randy Kellogg will speak to how design that makes regular blood pressure monitoring more discreet, portable, convenient and connected than ever before will help advance that goal.
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