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Envisioning the Future of Health Care Delivery: Aligning emerging technology trends of artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles (AV), and augmented Interaction (AX) to better patient experience and outcomes, an artefact concept

Matthew Jordan matthew@artefactgroup.com


Technology has blurred the lines we traditionally used to mark generations. While the standard segmentation used to be based on age, the emerging, more meaningful segmentation is now based on behaviors and attitudes around the role of technology in our lives. We see this shift strikingly in the way people think about, value, and act on their health, whether regarding general wellness or with a specific emergent event or condition a person may encounter. This new segmentation highlights a key sub-group which, independent of their age, stays always connected to the digital world, values convenience more than consistency, and trusts technology to a great degree. Inside this technology-centered sub-group, we also see parallel social trends evolving around increasing concerns about data ownership, skepticism of authority and hierarchy, lack of value (and use of) primary care physicians, and a deep perception that health is best addressed holistically.

These social shifts are in part caused by key advances in technology, like low-cost sensing capabilities that enable passive monitoring at home, increased efficacy of non-invasive diagnostics to pick up critical developments across the body’s systems, the maturation of artificial intelligence to take on complex analytical and decision-making tasks, trust in autonomous systems including vehicles, and even the emergence of augmented interactions that integrate image recognition, gesture, and voice. To many people, these advances are exciting and new, but the impact such technologies will have on society (as desired positive impact or as unintended negative impact) are still unknown.

What if we could integrate emerging technologies into right kind of care, delivered at the right time and place that bring better patient experiences and outcomes to those who might be reluctant to engage in their health? What if we could remove logistical burden on clinicians, while elevating their strategic value in the industry? What if we could shift cost responsibility to new actors who aren’t fiscally constrained? What if health care service delivery could scale to the types of experiences we desire and type of support we need at any given moment?

In this presentation, Artefact will detail our conceptual vision for a new health care delivery service that leverages key social and technology trends. We will outline our process of design thinking and crafting, including the new tools we are using to let us move quickly and deeply through a range of ideas and to settle on the most promising. We will also talk about the advantages and challenges inherent in the concept itself, as well as our point of view on where and how technology should and should not play a role in the continuum of care. Lastly, we will offer principles to guide other thinking and work currently happening at the intersection of early emergent technologies as applied to health care. 
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