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Page 684 – Stanford Medicine X

System mapping to visualize patient experience for visual insight translation

Peter Jones pjones@ocadu.ca
Prateeksha Singh prateeksha.singh@gmail.com


A patient-centered system mapping design workshop teaches a toolkit for synthesis maps to visually represent knowledge and promote collaboration and empathy among clinicians, researchers & patients.  We teach the method used in the CanIMPACT study (Canadian Team to Improve Cancer Care Along the Continuum). Synthesis maps integrate clinical research & patient experience from systemic perspectives. CanIMPACT mapped a clinical system to show Cancer touchpoints from prevention to survivorship and a patient-as-person map, to visually narrate patient experiences and relationships in Cancer journeys, co-created by Cancer survivors in the study.


Synthesis maps visually integrate research evidence & multiple perspectives to narrate a system story for knowledge translation to health care decision makers. Synthesis maps serve as translation tools to 1) help different clinicians understand the complexity of the whole continuum of cancer care 2) enable stakeholders to better find & frame system interventions 3) construct a common language and understanding across care stages and practices to facilitate better care strategies and 4) facilitate communication about the total life cycle of care with patients.

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Workshop overview:


A 90 minute workshop is offered, using a rapid studio workshop for mapping complex patient experiences. The process will replicate a design studio process to develop initial hand-sketched system maps. Dr. Jones has delivered similar workshops using the Gigamapping method (Sevaldson, 2011) which we will teach. The stages of the workshop are:


  1. An opening discussion and brief presentation of the method, a large group session will elicit problem areas to define scope and context for patient groups and critical systemic processes.
  2. Teams of 3-4 will be formed based on mutual interest/knowledge in patient contexts. Dr. Jones will present the first map type (whole system map) and we will work with teams to co-create baseline system maps for initial sketches.
  3. A quick second round will sketch patient journeys/timelines through the whole system.
  4. A brief in-process critique will follow, with questions designed to query the boundaries, perspectives, stakeholders, services and relationships in the maps.
  5. Final session of visual techniques and system distinctions will be presented for a final round of system mapping. Final discussion and design critiques of all maps will be done in whole group for collective learning.
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