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Why N of 1 is superior to “one-size-fits-all” employee wellness

Jeffrey Ruby rbennie@newtopia.com


People encounter an overwhelming number of recommendations every day on the newest diets, fitness classes and stress reducing exercises. They are left to make sense of these contradicting generic recommendations and guess at what to do. Most are left confused and paralyzed in their decision making, unable to decipher which recommendations to adopt and how. In addition to identifying how to improve their own health, they have a multitude of other daily stresses: work, family and finances to name a few. Because of the complexities and time constraints, their own health needs get put on the back burner, even when a lifestyle change is imperative in avoiding a chronic disease.
For those who are desperately seeking a lifestyle change, how can they easily stop guessing and make sense of how to get healthy?
Jeff Ruby, Founder and CEO of Newtopia, can discuss an innovative solution proven to reduce the prevalence of diseases related to obesity through a hyper-personalized approach. The move towards precision health and hyper-personalization means eliminating the “one-size-fits-all” approach to employee perks and wellness that offers the same food and 10,000-step challenge for everyone. Jeff can speak on this multi-pronged approach and why it’s time for employers to realize that “one-size only fits one,” and not all.
The personalized approach leverages genetic testing, behavioral science and connected health. Jeff understands the importance of employee engagement and expanded Newtopia’s connected health platform to include smart technology (mobile app, smart scale, connectivity to activity trackers) along with personalized gaming strategies and curated social health communities to motivate each employee based on his or her specific personality, motivation type and readiness to change.
Preventing disease goes beyond supplying employees with a wearable device. It is achieved through having the proper understanding, the appropriate and personalized tools, committed support from coaches and a community of people. Personalized disease prevention programs are the solution and have been proven to work in a gold standard 3-year randomized control trial funded by Aetna and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM).

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