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Page 691 – Stanford Medicine X

Exploring What “Could Be”- How health care teams can use communication to reach their highest potential

Heather Hansen Lighthh@me.com


Twenty years of defending medical malpractice lawsuits have made me an expert on everything that can go wrong in health care relationships. There are ways to change the way every member of the team communicates to empower them all. Empowered, educated patients get better results. When they know better, they do better. However, medicine has notoriously been paternalistic. Doctors love their patients as parents, not partners. We can change that by giving patients their power back. Improved education tools, communication from patient to doctor, patient to ancillary provider and patient to patient is key. This will also benefit doctors since they will have an entirely different understanding of what patients have to offer and the value of their experience. Technology can't replace humanity, and virtual reality will never replace the time it takes to understand another's actual reality. This talk will focus on what each member of the team can do to avoid lawsuits and the complications that lead the them. Most importantly, it will teach all members of the health care team, including the patient, to lead with compassion. Better results and better relationships will organically follow. 
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