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Page 710 – Stanford Medicine X

Learning the foundations of the Universal Patient Language (UPL)

Susan Bartlett susanb@bridgeable.com


The Universal Patient Language (UPL) is a set of resources to help communicate complex topics with patients created by Bristol-Myers Squibb with the support of Bridgeable, a Toronto-based service design firm. The UPL came out of realization that despite the importance of patient communications to patient experience, doing them well is not always easy. The UPL is an organizational and open source capability that helps those who create patient communications answer critical questions when designing patient communications: · How do we establish empathy for patients and acknowledge where they are in their health care experience? · What level of detail will help enable patient learning without making patients feel overwhelmed? · How do we avoid scientific jargon and communicate with plain language? · What are patient-validated best practices for using icons, illustrations, and photography? · How do we present complex data in a patient-friendly way? This oral ignite! talk will introduce the audience to ways we have tried to answer these questions.
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