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Page 723 – Stanford Medicine X

34 Minutes flat lined: A second life, a second career and the many lessons learned

Greg Merritt Greg@jgregmerritt.com


Greg will tell the story of Saturday, February 25th, 2012; of having a sudden cardiac arrest in the car that his partner was driving. He will re-live the harrowing moments for the love of his life and the lifesaving job done by the staff at the University of Michigan Hospital. He will then go on to share how this life saving event has given him a platform to begin sharing from a patient’s eyes the opportunity to promote, advocate, and raise awareness for the positive research and good work done by the staff in cardiac rehabilitation facilities around the world. In addition, he will share his current efforts to change and improve the referral rate, the enrollment rate and the graduation rate for those who are eligible to attend cardiac rehab and a new way to think about the power of rehab beyond the traditional exercise and nutrition priorities. He will discuss ways that the health care team can and must see that the patient is the partner in health. Using the 4 T's of partnership he will outline the ways that physicians and patients can begin to work together to change individual relationships and assist health systems to solve some of the thorniest problems that exist in health care. Through the power of stories, we can start a movement- I look forward to sharing my story and lighting more fires! 
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