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Scaling global surgical education through innovative technologies

Jean Nehme flaviu@touchsurgery.com


Touch Surgery is a surgical simulation and operative rehearsal tool. Users can learn and test themselves through the interactive simulation app that is currently used by over 40 residency programs; including Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and NYU. Our aims is to improve access to high-quality surgical care, reduces cost and improve patient safety globally. The Touch Surgery team is a blend of over 100 experts from diverse backgrounds including computer vision, mobile, data, VFX, robotics and medical disciplines. The company teased its augmented reality content for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas. The real opportunity is to move Touch Surgery’s training content from the relatively sterile scenario of being able to tap and swipe your way through a surgery simulation on a phone, to bring it into the operating room. It’s easy to imagine how a surgeon about to pick up a scalpel and a dozen other sharp instruments might want to have a live overlay of the surgery they are about to commence.
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