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Page 737 – Stanford Medicine X

Going for zero: The potential to eradicate heart attack and stroke through public/private partnership and the role of connected health devices in that effort

Ranndy Kellogg sgoodell@mww.com


Since Omron Healthcare invented its first home blood pressure monitors more than 40 years ago, the company has been a leader in technologically advanced blood pressure monitors – medical devices that meet FDA standards for accuracy and enable people to monitor their key risk factor for heart attack and stroke – blood pressure – at home.
Omron recently announced a bold evolution in its company mission – a focus on the elimination of heart attacks and strokes. President & CEO Ranndy Kellogg believes that a paradigm shift in heart health management, which pairs advanced technology with widespread education and mobilization of resources (including collaboration of providers, business leaders, governments and nonprofits) can advance the goal of zero events.
Advanced home health technologies and connected devices are one way to encourage the proactive health management and behavior modification that is essential to prevention of heart attack and stroke. Current data shows that 78% of health care consumers wear, or are willing to wear, technology to track their lifestyle or vital signs. Tracking steps, calories or heart rate is becoming more commonplace. But more importantly, the “Fitbit mentality” – a willingness to monitor, to pay attention to numbers, to adjust behaviors as a result – holds profound implications for heart health.
The latest blood pressure monitoring devices are unprecedented in terms of accuracy, ease of use, portability and connectivity. Monitors integrate with mobile apps to allow convenient, easy access to health information through a smart phone or tablet; tracking vital health data and trends that can be shared with doctors and other caregivers, often improving quality of care. The latest Omron prototype is a “wearable” medical device that has the appearance of a wristwatch and, in addition to blood pressure, will measure physical activity and sleep. Through already existing partnerships, individuals can now measure their own blood pressure and EKG on-the-go.
Ranndy Kellogg will address:
- The need for a concerted and collaborative national campaign to eliminate heart attack and stroke
- The potential for connected health and advanced at-home medical technology to encourage proactive health management and behavior change (and the move from broader focused “population” health to personalized health)
- What health care professionals should know about emerging technologies
- The potential to improve outcomes based on precise, real-time data
- How partnerships are changing the heart health landscape and we collectively can impact patient adoption of heart healthy behaviors, including adoption of new technologies
Prior to his work at Omron Healthcare, Ranndy served as Vice-President and Director of Marketing for Baxter Healthcare. Before joining Baxter Healthcare, he served as Group Marketing Manager at CR Bard. Mr. Kellogg holds a Master's in Business Administration from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.
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