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Page 740 – Stanford Medicine X

Launching the scientific wellness industry through multiple data set application

Clayton Lewis arivale@sparkpr.com
Alicia Nakamoto anakamoto@arivale.com
Sarah Wakefield swakefield@arivale.com


With increased investment in national health and a potential shift in health care with changing political administrations, it’s more important than ever to speak on the importance of preventative health care through personalization and precision. An individual’s health is impacted 60% by lifestyle, 30% by genetics and 10% by interactions with health providers. 18% of the US GDP goes toward the 10%. To advance the focus on personalization in health care, Clayton Lewis co-founded Arivale to focus on the other 90% by launching the scientific wellness industry. Arivale combines multiple sources of health data with M.D. input, curates a specific plan for diet and exercise, and personally assigned coaches to make sure the participant is moving toward with her or his wellness goals. The core belief of these industry disruptors is to move beyond one data set and instead view the body as a complete system. Clayton Lewis, cofounder and CEO of Arivale, will speak on the development of genetic testing, and the importance of proactivity on discovered data in order to fully understand the human body. The presentation will include extensive data on blood, saliva, gut microbiome, DNA, fitness levels: these measurements combined with independent doctor input on lifestyle and diet changes are implemented at the beginning of the wellness program. Scientific wellness and personalization programs are the obvious next steps towards collaborative, holistic approaches to better preventative health care. Subsequently, as a vital benefit of a scientific wellness program like Arivale, 95% of participants are still active after one year, in part by checking in with personal coaches and following up with tests every 6 months. Clayton Lewis will be able to share specific data about Arivale’s first 1,000 individual participants, and will likely also be able to share results from Arivale enterprise customers - who have enrolled hundreds and in some cases, a few thousand employees. All of the results have been surprising at first, and the participants have as a whole seen significant improvement in their wellness. 
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