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Page 742 – Stanford Medicine X

Using play to diagnose and treat children in emergency departments

James Turner james@kennedyturner.com


How do you think play is used in children’s healthcare? Maybe to
distract children from a painful procedure, or to reduce the fear and
anxiety of going inside an MRI scanner.

But how about using pay to help diagnose illness and injury in children?

My Ignite talk explores how diagnostic play is used in Emergency
Medicine through an ethnographic research study I conducted in UK
hospitals. We’ll discuss the main types of illness where diagnostic
play is used, and the varied and ingenious methods that Health Play
Specialists make use of to assist the clinical diagnostic journey.

We’ll draw directly from the my research study and discuss real-life
examples of diagnostic play being used, such as how simple Lego bricks
can be used to test a child's motor power in a fun and playful way.

Attendees will take away a good overview of what diagnostic play is,
how it can be used and where to find more information.
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