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Page 744 – Stanford Medicine X

Optimize Patient Care Without Losing the Personal Touch: First-hand accounts of doctors benefitting from emerging technology

Sandeep Pulim sandeep@medici.md
Dr. Shawn Tassone stassonemdphd@gmail.com


Abstract Description:
Dr. Clinton Phillips and Dr. Shawn Tassone discuss how to use the innovative technologies to fit patient treatments into any schedule without losing continuity of care or personal touch. Maintain HIPAA-compliance while meeting all of your patients’ needs through a fast, reliable mobile method of service.

Full Length Description:

“Eight Days a Week” isn’t just a Beatles song. It’s also how much time medical professionals feel like they spend trying to catch up with their patients’ needs.

In a perfect world, every medical professional has time for all of his or her patients. In that same perfect world, people can always schedule time to receive medical attention from their primary care physicians, who have their history on hand. Instead, the reality is that everyone has limited space in their daily lives, which grows more crowded every day. Patients end up reaching out to urgent care, retail clinics, and telemedicine instead of their primary care physicians. This means they can end up with multiple medical professionals advising them, which can lead to suboptimal and uncoordinated care at the end of the day.

What can medical professionals do to help ensure patients get the best quality care without stretching themselves thin? What can be done to curb impatient patients who turn to a world of medical options that have varying levels of expertise?

As a surgical specialist and OB-GYN, Dr. Shawn Tassone knows all too well the importance of keeping patients happy and well cared for. This is why Tassone uses Medici to keep in touch with his patients around the country.

“I perform a particular surgery and women travel to see me for this specialty, but I do the postop exam through mobile engagement. Also, taking my business mobile has allowed me to move from Tucson to Austin and maintain contact with my patients that want to follow me.”

Doctors want their patients to get the best treatment possible no matter how busy or occupied they may be. Patients don’t need to look elsewhere for care and doctors can re-engage remote or lost patients while using a HIPAA-compliant process through Medici’s multiple layers of security and privacy.

In this presentation, Dr. Tassone and Dr. Clinton Phillips will discuss how emerging technologies streamline communications into a minimally-invasive and secure process. They’ll showcase features that allow doctors to easily transcribe consults and import them into medical records, giving them room to better focus on patients. Learn how to create and maintain continuity of care and coachable moments, with better patient and time management to achieve healthier clinical outcomes. Do more with the time you have.
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