Surgery augmented

Nadine Haram


Introduction: Finding a surgeon can be difficult. Two thirds of the world’s population lack access to surgical care and mass centralization means patients in the high-income setting have to travel further for care . Novel technologies may hold the ability to address the increasing need to provide equal and accessible care to all regardless of geographic location. Augmented Reality (AR) describes a medium on the spectrum of mixed reality platforms. Proximie is a cloud based augmented reality platform designed by surgeons that allows doctors to virtually transport themselves into any operating room or clinic to collaborate, guide, train, teach and support other surgeons and medical experts independent of any specific hardware. It is the first solution to use augmented reality, integrated with a comprehensive patient record and imaging system to allow for a multidisciplinary perspective in real time with remote surgeons.

Aim: In this presentation we describe the use of Proximie AR software in several locations globally. We then go on to analyse its capacity to transform surgical collaboration, education and training.

Methods: Surgeons from five international sites (two NGOS and three teaching hospitals) trialled Proximie AR. The augmented reality platform Proximie was used to enable visual collaboration, video as well as integrating patient records. A variety of hardware devices were used including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Results: All institutions successfully utilized Proximie. No adverse events were recorded and no connectivity issues were reported. Users found it to be extremely useful in their endeavours of providing medical and surgical support as well as teaching and training.

Conclusion: This system can be used to provide teaching, consultation, and virtual guidance globally using a dedicated infrastructure for the health care provider. Such measures can strengthen the delivery of care significantly. Proximie offers an AR enhanced telehealth solution benefit organizations and health care systems by enhancing education, training and collaboration. We

believe this technology has the ability to crowd source knowledge and content in a way that with will disrupt the global surgical community at large.

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