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PatientWisdom: Improving health and care by listening to patients

Gregory Makoul gmakoul@patientwisdom.com


Patients deal with health every day. Their experience is valuable, yet mostly unheard. Accordingly, many patients, families, and caregivers feel disconnected, uncertain, and alone. Their physicians and care teams are busier than ever, making it harder to connect with patients and increasing risk of provider burn-out. Moreover, most organizations approach patient engagement on their terms, not on patients’ terms.

PatientWisdom is a digital platform that focuses on what matters to patients as people. We drive value by turning patient perspectives into actionable insights to improve the experience and delivery of care. A patient at one of our health system partners said it best: “By using PatientWisdom, I’m giving a gift to my doctor. And to myself. My doctor has an easy way to learn what’s important to me, so I get better care.”

Here’s how it works: Patients, families, and caregivers use PatientWisdom to upload stories about themselves, their health, and their care. We run analytics on the information collected, and package it to provide actionable insights to help patients, families, providers, and health systems. Intuitive high-level visualizations are coupled with the ability to access patient-level detail. PatientWisdom is mobile-responsive, and we offer seamless integration with electronic health record systems and patient portals.

Levers for Use

Patients, families, and caregivers feel better.

§ Need: Compelling way to share their experience, and to learn from the experience of others.

§ Goal: Organize thoughts and information. Increase feeling of connection and control.

§ Solution: PatientWisdom engages people in telling stories about themselves, their health, and their care. Our platform makes it easy to upload information and brief videos. And makes it easy for people to find, filter, and view the content they need.

Clinical encounters work better.

§ Need: Quick, reliable way to learn about patients as people, and what matters to them.

§ Goal: Increase efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction for both patients and providers.

§ Solution: We distill the patient information to create at-a-glance inSIGHT summaries, with easy access via the EHR. Physicians and other members of the team have a touchstone to learn about each patient as a person before entering the exam room or hospital room. Facilitates personal connections and improves communication.

Healthcare providers, health systems, and health plans do better.

§ Need: Practical way to develop deeper understanding and more vibrant relationships.

§ Goal: Cultivate an outside-in perspective to drive value by

§ Solution: We capture and report actionable, systematic feedback (e.g., perceptions of physician communication) within the care setting, as well as patient-reported outcomes, expectations, and experiences that extend beyond the care setting. Facilitates learning and improvement.

I will share my story of how 30 years in the healthcare field – as a PhD in Communication who is a full Professor of Medicine, as Chief Innovation Officer at a healthcare system, as caregiver for a mom with cancer, and as a patient myself – factor into PatientWisdom. And will report on what we are learning by listening to patients.

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