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Leveraging the aidbox.io FHIR® cloud platform for developing health care solutions

Pavel Smirnov pavel@health-samurai.io


When developing solutions for health care a company makes a lot of choices between technology stacks, development platforms, HIPAA hostings, EHR integration pathways, standards and terminologies. Some of these choices do not affect an immediate outcome but long term consequences might be enormous.

Two solutions can equally address business needs but their fates might be very different. One solution will become outdated quickly and the other will flourish over the years. To make decisions that will give your solution a long life a company should understand what will happen to the health information technology in the coming years.

Taking care of a population health during the time of a value-based economy is a challenge for any health care organization. No single digital health care solution can address this challenge alone. There is a growing need to support an ecosystem of multiple connected health care

Such an ecosystem was hardly possible a few years ago because of the lack of an interoperability standard recognized by the industry. Nowadays there is a clear winner among its standards - Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and many vendors and provider organizations have started their journeys to the new world of digital health platforms, open APIs and application marketplaces.

Choosing FHIR for your health care project could be the most important choice that will make your solution future proof and ready for the next generation health information ecosystem where data is flowing seamlessly between EHRs, patient-facing mobile apps, and medical devices.

Health Samurai's Aidbox.io is a development platform for modern web and mobile interoperable health care applications built on top of an extended FHIR server.
It cuts time to market for modern interoperable health care software and supports an ecosystem of connected health care applications and devices. Aidbox provides a platform for startups to innovate and an ecosystem for connected health care applications for provider organizations.
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