Healthcare Confessions™: Unveiling the hidden shadows and opportunities

Sarah Krug
Alan Greene


How many of us have asked Dr. Google a health question we would never ask our doctor? How many of us have lied or withheld a few details during a visit with our doctor? Many of us have lied to our doctors or concealed elements of the whole story, at one point or another, in fear of embarrassment and/or judgement. There’s a dark hidden part of the health care conversation…the things patients don’t feel comfortable sharing with their doctors, and the things doctors don’t feel comfortable telling their patients. These, by nature, are hidden gems, often the biggest opportunity for improved health where many health systems and products inadvertently make it easier for them to lurk in the shadows. Confessions can be liberating. Anonymous stories will be crowd-sourced and shared with attendees, shedding light on main trends, and how to address these issues.
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