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Page 769 – Stanford Medicine X

Should medical apps be Fun and Functional? - Key learnings from a successful healthcare app developer.

John Miles john@health-and-parenting.com


When designing a medical or wellness product, it is crucial that it functions perfectly, but should it also be entertaining and engaging? With the rapid growth of the health-tech sector, and tens of thousands of health apps available to choose from, only ones that resonate with their audience will survive. 

Health & Parenting set out to create a pregnancy app to make the journey of pregnancy more enjoyable, educate mothers with what to expect, and help them make better use of their time spent with healthcare professionals.

The team’s approach to designing medical apps puts UX (user experience) and engagement at the core. Stickiness is crucial to their success. Using artificial intelligence and deep analytics to create tailored content for each and every user, the app treats mothers and fathers as individuals and customizes the content around their personal needs.
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