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Page 778 – Stanford Medicine X

Lessons Learned from the the Promoting Research in Social Media and Health (PRISM Health) Symposium

Urmimala Sarkar Urmimala.Sarkar@ucsf.edu


As Americans increasingly rely on social media to engage with health information, these online platforms hold enormous potential for public health promotion and prevention. Social media and health research can be broadly defined as research that utilizes social media data, platforms, or networks to inform public health prevention efforts. Studies in this field are diverse, ranging from disease surveillance to behavioral interventions; examples include using social media data to monitor the spread of conjunctivitis outbreaks, creating Facebook-based behavioral interventions for tobacco cessation, and monitoring self-reported tanning bed burns on Twitter.


The Promoting Research in Social Media and Health (PRISM Health) Symposium is a unique opportunity for experts from discrete scientific domains to disseminate cutting-edge research methodologies, develop novel projects, and forge interdisciplinary collaborations.  As the first scientific convening dedicated solely to social media research for health in the US, the PRISM Health Symposium affords participants a central meeting place to collaborate and advance their work. 


The aim of this panel is to inform a diverse audience of Medicine X participants about the current state of social media and health research reported at the PRISM Health Symposium in December 2016. The panel discussants will share the findings of their own work and the importance for collaboration at events such as PRISM.


Led by a panel of experts engaged in the field of social media and health research, this session will:

·       Discuss the key components of successful investigation in social media and health, including: recruitment, design, funding, and ethics of conducting intervention studies

·       Explore the keys to successful collaboration across scientific domains, a cornerstone of social media and health research

·       Consider patient perspectives and opportunities for diversity and inclusion



By the end of this panel session, participants will be able to:

·       Synthesize the importance and potential of social media and health research

·       Identify key players in a successful social media and health research collaboration

·       Articulate examples of social media and health research studies

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