*Susan Dybbs
Oral Presentation – Practice Track
Sunday, Sept 30, 2012: 1:40 PM – 2:00 PM – LK120

*Presenting Speaker

Everyone acknowledges the need for change in our health care system. The challenge is how to accomplish this in a field that is evidence-based, conservative and constrained by regulations. Health care companies alone are not equipped to tackle these big obstacles. Consequently we are not seeing the same disruptive technologies that are being developed other industries.

In this talk Susan Dybbs, a specialist with over a decade of experience in the health care and design industry, demonstrates how design tools can help. Using three examples you will learn how to uncover user needs, quickly generate solutions, and minimize risks. While these three case studies range significantly, from an iPad application to an intra-operative telemedicine platform, they all illustrate the utilization of rapid, cheap, light weight prototypes. These prototypes are used throughout the development process to first engage with the user, then to generate ideas while assessing technical constraints and finally to cheaply test the solution in a controlled environment to reduce costly development changes.
Through a multidisciplinary approach, the health care industry can increase its agility and fluidity in development of new products and services. Prototyping, in all its forms, is one of many design tools that can be leverage for re-envisioning the delivery of medical care.

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