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precision education:
the future of patient-centered medical education

Join us for the Medicine X | Ed conference
April 22-23, 2017
Stanford University


a medical education conference designed for everyone

Stanford Medicine X | ED is a conference on the future of medical education at the intersections of people, technology and design.

As an Everyone Included™ program, it aims to place patients and caregivers at the center of medical education, in partnership with medical learners and teachers.

We challenge the belief that medical education is domain exclusive to health care practitioners, but instead benefits from interdisciplinary co-creation with all relevant health care stakeholders.

uncover key insights

Medicine X | Ed is a two-day event that will explore critical issues in medical education to uncover new insights and spawn transformative culture change.

understand today’s learners

Who are today’s medical learners? How have technology and social media influenced their learning needs and preferences?

meet inspirational educators

Who are the educators that are leading the charge to innovate education? What insights can they offer to inspire medical educators?

learning labs and workshops

Take practical knowledge and skills back with you to the clinics and classroom. We have a day of learning labs and workshops to inspire you!

Join us for Stanford Medicine X | ED 2017

April 22-23, 2017 at Stanford University

Join a global community organized around innovating the future of medical education through a framework of mutual respect and inclusivity we call Everyone Included™. Receive updates when we launch our call for presenters, announce our program and open registration.

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april 22-23, 2017

ei_logo3Medicine X | ED is an Everyone Included™ conference that aims to examine the future of medical education through a framework of mutual respect and inclusivity.

We believe everyone should be respected for the expertise they can bring to discussions about the future of medical education.

This page is meant to provide a glimpse into just some of the sessions and speakers who joined medical students, residents, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients, technologists, designers, and researchers at our inaugural Medicine X | ED conference at Stanford in 2015. The purpose of Medicine X | ED is to explore the future of medical education.

Great Talks from the Stanford Medicine X Main Stage

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