Stanford Medicine X programs
aim to connect all stakeholders to innovate
healthcare at the intersection of
emerging technologies and medicine

  • Patients

    Stanford Medicine X has the largest and most diverse program for patient engagement of any leading healthcare conference. Our industry-leading ePatient programs brings patients worldwide to Stanford to participate in conference planning, engage in the audience, and speak from the stage.

  • Providers

    Healthcare providers are highly engaged by Medicine X programs, and our 2013 conference had the highest engagement of US verified physicians among the four top healthcare conferences. Our student leadership program extends this engagement to tomorrow's healthcare leaders.

  • Technologists

    Stanford's location in the heart of Silicon Valley and our rich history of innovation creates a unique opportunity to engage technologists at the nexus of emerging technologies and Medicine. Our technology discovery program is on a constant look out for the most promising digital health companies sprouting from patient- and provider-centered innovation.

  • Researchers

    Medicine X aims to connect moon shot thinking with a critical appraisal of health IT from a deeply-rooted academic perspective. As a world-renown academic medical center, Stanford University links leading researchers from around the world to evaluate the impact of emerging technologies on healthcare.

Programs designed to educate
and engage all stakeholders year-round

  • Stanford MedX Live!

    Weekly live broadcasts from Stanford University addressing timely topics in digital health

  • Engage + Empower Me

    Winter quarter Stanford MedX Live! broadcasts weekly world-class lectures from Engage + Empower Me, a patient engagement design course from Stanford University

  • Design for Health

    Spring quarter Stanford Medicine X broadcasts live weekly lectures on design innovation to improve healthcare from the Stanford University School of Medicine

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