throwback thursday | health care innovation summit 2016

the health insurance shake up:

It’s Throwback Thursday! As a valuable HCI 2015 attendee, we would like to extend a special opportunity to register at last year’s rate for this year’s Health Care Innovation Summit on Thursday, September 15th at Paul Berg Hall. This year, Medicine X brings patients and payers together to explore these issues and identify opportunities for patients, entrepreneurs and the health care industry. Take advantage of this exclusive limited time offer, which will expire Friday, August 5th at 5PM PST!

preliminary program highlights

  • Spark innovation  – The only summit to bring together payers, patients, and providers on the same stage. That’s the only way to innovate.
  • Uncover new revenue streams – Find out the unmet needs and opportunities in the insurance industry from payers themselves.
  • Understand shifts in the insurance industry – From ACA to value-based care, it is important now more than ever for providers to understand how to navigate the new health insurance ecosystem and succeed regardless of which reimbursement model dominates.
  • Learn why you need to get involved in digital health insurance – In the last year, over $2 billion was invested into digital health insurance startups by venture capitalists. Find out the value they see in new insurance models for transforming health care.

Why health insurance incumbents should watch out. Payers need to change to stay relevant.

  • Basel Kayyali Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Sri Velamoor Partner, McKinsey & Company

Entrepreneurism in healthcare: how payers can make or break your startup?

  • Charlie Martin, Chairman and Founder, Martin Ventures; Co-Founder and former CEO, Vanguard Health Systems

A collective approach toward better aligning incentives in health care.

  • Ali Diab,  Collective Health

Innovation in Health Care: Through the Global Looking-glass

  • Margaret-Mary G. Wilson, Chief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President, UnitedHealthcare Global

ePatient Ignite! Talks

  • Michael Seres ePatient-in-residence and Founder, 11health
  • Sophie Thacher ePatient Scholar, Entrepreneurship Track 
  • Ben Bell ePatient Scholar, Entrepreneurship Track, Hospital Bands miss opportunity to create value for patients
  • Bill Swan ePatient Scholar, Entrepreneurship Track, Problem is that Asthma drugs are expensive but can be cheaper

Main Stage Presentations

  • New patient-centered insurance model of coverage
    • Michael Serbinis, CEO of League Health
  • California’s Silver Tsunami: Long-Term Care Costs in the Medi-Cal Program and the Challenges of Bending the Cost-Curve
    • Jennifer Kent Director of the California Department of Health Care Services, MediCal
    • Niles Friedman FUSE Corps Executive Fellow, California Health and Human Services Agency
  • The Medicine X Entrepreneurial Vision
    • Basaam Kadry, Medicine X
    • Bridget Duffy, Vocera

Entrepreneurial Innovation in a Value-Based Healthcare Market

  • Mark Tomaino Senior Industry Executive at Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (moderator)
  • Panelists include:
    • Devin Carty
    • Gina Nebesar
    • Michael O’Neil

Can Data and Technology Help Bridge The Spending Gap For High Healthcare Utilizers?

  • Hamid Tabatabaie Founder, LifeImage: Patient Centered Imaging (moderator)
  • Panelists Include:
    • Jim Watkins Director, Analytics, Medi-Cal
    • Dusty Lieb Principal and Assistant Director of Strategic Investments, Cambia Health
    • Kejia Zhu Product Manager, Clover Health
    • Melissa Buckley Director, Health Innovation Fund, California Health Care Foundation (CHCF)

Innovating Processes: How can technology streamline health insurance coverage, reimbursement decisions, and improve the patient experience?

  • Nick van Terheyden Chief Medical Officer, Dell (moderator)
  • Panelists Include:
    • Jennifer Kent Director of the California Department of Health Care Services, MediCal
    • Busy Burr Vice President of Innovation, Humana Silicon Valley
    • Margaret-Mary G. Wilson Chief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President, UnitedHealthcare Global

Creating Alternative Models of Coverage: Healthcare Insurance Innovators and Entrepreneurs

  • Basel Kayyali (moderator)
  • Panelists include:
    • Michael Serbinis
    • Kejia Zhu
    • Kyle Rolfing
    • Susan Dybbs

Breakfast and Arrival Networking Sessions

Coffee Break Networking Sessions

Lunch Networking Sessions

VIP Dining Networking Sessions (invitation only)

Afternoon Event Wrap Networking Session

  • We don’t want to wait for traditional innovation, because traditional innovation, as we know it, is not good enough.

    Dana Lewis Patient advocate
  • Technology is useless without people to back it up...

    Jennifer Kent California Department of Health Care Service
  • Unlike most other industries, there are just more complexities in health care and those take some unique frameworks...

    Zen Chu MIT Hacking Medicine
  • The convergence between digital technologies with health care... is creating multiple opportunities for investment capital to flow...

    Mark Tomaino Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

Tackling the health insurance shake up: how might we create value through collaboration between payers, patients, providers and entrepreneurs?

During this special day-long event, Medicine X will bring together patients, providers, entrepreneurs, and payers to show how interdisciplinary collaboration can lead to new ideas, partnerships, and bridges for change. Join us on Thursday, September 15 at Paul Berg Hall!

Specific topics to be discussed include:

  1. Creating alternative models of coverage
  2. How might payers co-create health care solutions with patients?
  3. Can data and technology bridge the spending gap for high health care utilizers?
  4. Innovating processes: how can technology streamline health insurance coverage and reimbursement decisions
  5. Will the shift to value-based care upend traditional health care stakeholders?


Discover areas of highest need and opportunity in the insurance market

Health care insurance innovators and entrepreneurs

What does it take to partner with health care insurance companies

Patients engaged, empowered and entrepreneurial

some of our speakers

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Clariture Health

FUSE Corps Executive Fellow,
California Health and Human Services Agency

Senior Partner,
McKinsey & Company

Director, Medi-Cal

Principal and Assistant Director of Strategic Investments, Cambia Health

Chairman and Founder, Martin Ventures

Co-founder, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Ovuline

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development, Healthcare Bluebook

Chief Executive Officer, League Health

ePatient-in-Residence and Founder, 11health

Senior Health Care Executive,
Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Director of Analytics, Medi-Cal

highlights from last year's summit

ePatient Delegates

Too often in health care, we focus resources on solving problems that don’t matter most to the end users of health care. At Medicine X, we believe in Everyone Included™ and the value patients can add to discussions about the future of health care. These ePatient delegates represent patient experts in their own conditions and their experience of the health care industry. They have been selected to speak at the Health Care Innovation Summit to share their expertise about how payers might best collaborate and partner with patients, providers, technologists, and researchers to drive innovation.





Please check back for updates, more speakers and a schedule will added soon.
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