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Andrew Shin, MD is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology) at Stanford University School of Medicine and associate medical director of cardiovascular intensive care at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford. He completed his pediatric residency, along with dual fellowship training in cardiology and critical care, at Children’s Hospital Boston. As medical director of the Center for Analytics and Clinical Effectiveness at Stanford Children’s Health, Andrew utilizes a framework of microsystems, design and high-reliability principles, to explore opportunities to optimize value in pediatric healthcare delivery. His quality improvement projects have included the successful reduction of hospital-acquired conditions, standardization of communication during patient-care transitions, and the reduction of costly and unnecessary resource utilization. Academically, Andrew’s research leverages high-throughput analytics to understand patterns derived by machine learning within the continuous stream of data generated by inpatient care. Combining his roles in analytics and clinical effectiveness has led to safe and sustained reductions in hospital length of stay and readmissions to the hospital and emergency department.

Title: Medical Director, Center for Analytics and Clinical Effectiveness

Company/Affiliation: Stanford Children’s Health

Industry: Stanford University Medical Center

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