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Dr. Rosner is a clinician, scientist, and entrepreneur. His industry roles have included Medical Director at Archimedes, Inc. where he guided mathematical modeling of physiologic and healthcare systems for pharma, voluntary health organizations, and biotech. In that role he has published high-impact studies in the peer reviewed literature, spoken on a national platform, and has been influential on the revision of clinical practice guidelines as well as on the opinions of payers and national policy makers in the smarter and more cost-effective design and practice of medicine. He has also served as Director of Research at early stage biotech start-ups guiding companies through Angel and Venture Capital investment rounds, and is a Kauffman Fellows Program Finalist. An internist, he currently sees patients at Kaiser Permanente in northern CA.

Title: Chief Medical Information Officer

Company/Affiliation: HealthLoop, Inc.

Twitter: @BenRosnerMD_PhD


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