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Fred Dillon

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Fred Dillon leads interdisciplinary teams of HopeLab staff and external collaborators to develop and refine innovations in an iterative, customer-focused process. In that capacity, Fred has overseen ongoing development of HopeLab’s Re-Mission game for teens and young adults with cancer and guided the development of Zamzee, a product to motivate kids to be more physically active. He now plays a key role in shaping HopeLab’s initiative to promote human health, wellness, and resilience through social tech innovation. Through that initiative, he’s played a leading role in the development of the Mood Meter App, which is designed to improve the emotional intelligence of youth, and the Greater Good in Action web portal, a clearinghouse for research-based practices to lead a more meaningful and satisfying life. Fred currently leads the team working with Nurse-Family Partnership to modernize their existing delivery model through design and technology innovation. By improving affordability, accessibility, and engagement among nurses, moms, and their children, Nurse-Family Partnership seeks to scale a highly effective program with proven outcomes to thousands more families across the country.

Title: Director, Strategy & Innovation

Company/Affiliation: HopeLab

Industry: Nonprofit / Healthcare

Twitter: @FredDillon


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