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Jean Nehme trained as a plastic surgeon at Imperial College London, where he co-founded Touch Surgery with Dr Andre Chow. Dr Nehme has multiple awards for his research in innovation and application of surgical technology and simulation. He is passionate about the future of healthcare with the inclusion of technologies such as AI and Robotics. He has presented at multiple international conferences and won the Founders Forum Singapore Rising Star award and the London Business School Deloitte Digital Health Award in 2015. Touch Surgery is a mobile platform for surgical training. This simulation combines PixarTM quality animation process with game development to cognitively map surgical and interventional procedures into a virtual reality simulation. The Touch Surgery app connects more than 1.750.000 users in the Global Surgical Community to enable better decision making in the operating room. The data collected by Touch Surgery can be used to evaluate levels of knowledge and competencies gained. At this time when the healthcare industry is facing multiple challenges globally, Dr Nehme strongly believes the solutions lie in leveraging on technological advancements. A mobile and connected surgical audience is the first step to transforming surgery worldwide.

Title: CEO

Company/Affiliation: Touch Surgery

Industry: Healthcare

Twitter: @TouchSurgery

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