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Jessie Kittle, MD is a Surgical Co-Manager Hospitalist on the Stanford Orthopedic and Neurosurgical Services, and a Clinical Instructor of Medicine. Her interest in hypnosis grew out of a need for better tools to manage symptoms in perioperative patients, and after discovering the benefits of perioperative hypnosis she completed 40-hours of hypnosis training with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. As a mentee of world-renowned hypnosis researcher Dr. David Spiegel, she has initiated a trial that intends to quantify the benefit of hypnosis for symptom management in elective orthopedic surgery. As an Internal Medicine resident at Stanford, Jessie helped create the Resident Safety Council as co-vice-chair and co-chair, which provides a structure for medical trainees to develop Quality Improvement skills and projects with support of hospital administration. As a medical student at Tulane, she developed a vaccine clinic within a syringe exchange program for injection drug users in New Orleans as an Albert Schweitzer Fellow. Prior to medical school she pursued various career paths, including opening a cafe that she still co-owns.

Title: Clinical Instructor, Internal Medicine

Company/Affiliation: Stanford School of Medicine

Industry: Hospital and Perioperative Medicine

Interest: My research interest is in using hypnosis to improve symptom management and perioperative outcomes in orthopedic surgery patients.


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