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Jim Rosenberg

About Me

I started I Know Something to help people learn from each other’s real experiences when facing serious illness and the end of life. This storytelling platform combines first-person video stories with expert reflection exercises to help people make personally meaningful choices about their healthcare and quality of life. The concept was inspired by my experience with my wife’s cancer treatment and her death shortly after. I Know Something was selected as a Top Idea by Sutter Health, IDEO, and a national panel of healthcare experts in a global challenge to reimagine the end of life. We’re now working to grow the service and help put the human voice at the center of complex health care for everyone.

During my career I have worked with a diverse mix of organizations to find new opportunities and create new services. I have led innovation projects with a global consulting firm, Fortune 500 companies, venture-backed startups, and nonprofit and mission-driven organizations. I received my MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and my BA in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Title: Founder

Company/Affiliation: I Know Something

Twitter: @JimARosenberg

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jimrosenberg/

Website: https://www.iksproject.com

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