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John Miles is the Co-founder and CEO of Health & Parenting. In 2012 they set out to make a pregnancy app to help mothers-to-be enjoy their pregnancy and provide pertinent information in one helpful daily guide.  Today Pregnancy+, has had over 12 million downloads, and 100,000 5 star reviews in the App Stores, and is the most popular independent pregnancy app worldwide.   The team’s core goal is to make the journey of pregnancy more enjoyable, educate mothers with what to expect, and help them make better use of their time spent with healthcare professionals.   John is from an industrial design background and spent many years in the video game industry working with teams internationally. His approach to medical apps puts UX (user experience) and engagement as a high priority. He believes fun and stickiness is crucial to any app’s success.  As Co-Founder and CEO John has a clear vision of how to lead product development at Health & Parenting, and grow the community of loyal app users. John is also a BAFTA nominee and has been a BAFTA member since 2004.

Title: Co-founder and CEO

Company/Affiliation: Health & Parenting

Industry: Health Tech

Twitter: @john7miles



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