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Lisa Bower

About Me

Lisa is a director at Healthbox. Founded in 2011, Healthbox helps healthcare organizations innovate from the inside and out. Healthbox products and services advance strategies that support a culture of idea generation, business creation, and entrepreneurial collaboration.

As a director, Lisa leads consulting engagements with industry partners focused on driving a culture of innovation and commercializing employee ideas. Her main focus is a partnership with Intermountain Healthcare. Prior to joining Healthbox, Lisa was involved with healthcare-focused research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and worked in operations at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center’s inpatient rehabilitation facility. Lisa received a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Spanish, Political Science, and Latin American Studies and completed her MS in Health Systems Management at Rush University.

Title: Director

Company/Affiliation: Healthbox

Industry: Health care

Twitter: @healthbox



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