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Marc Braman, MD, MPH, FACLM, FACPM is passionate about building healthcare as it could and should be — for the benefit of those served. To build a healthcare system that actually makes sense and works, you need the critical parts. Some of these parts have not existed, so they need to be built. One major part that was missing was “treat the cause” instead of just the symptoms. So Dr. Braman spent years building the American College of Lifestyle Medicine as the professional association to define, represent, and promote Lifestyle Medicine. This included collaborations with other professional medical associations, annual national conferences, professional standards including the JAMA publication of recommended competencies in prescribing lifestyle medicine for all providers, a world class Advisory Board, etc. He now serves as President of the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation, creating universal resources the enable people everywhere to use lifestyle as medicine based on the best science and in the most convenient way possible. Dr. Braman is working on many other aspects to enable a better kind of care based on “treat the cause”, such as a universal, easy-to-use lifestyle measurement system, online resources, etc. The other big missing piece needed to build a working system is patient voice and empowerment. Patients have been completely excluded from that which affects them most profoundly. Dr. Braman has founded the non-profit, Patients United, to become the organized voice and vehicle for patients to take a directive role in healthcare. There was an “Arab Spring” — why not a US “Healthcare Spring”? Dr. Braman believes that these and many other parts, people, and organizations need to come together to systematically design, create, and demand our future healthcare system that is about patients and caring, and that belongs to “we the people”. Dr. Braman believes that it is time for American ingenuity, innovation, and — where needed — tangible revolution, to bring about a real healthcare system.

Title: Founder

Company/Affiliation: Patients United

Interest: Designing and creating an actual healthcare system – especially for patients.

Industry: Healthcare

Twitter: @marc_braman


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