Meg Maley, BSN, R.N.


About Me

Meg Maley, BSN, R.N., Meg’s entire career has been dedicated to improving the lives of people with cancer. A repeat entrepreneur and seasoned executive with more than 30 years of experience in oncology and more recently, digital (mobile) health, Meg currently serves as co-founder and CEO of CanSurround. CanSurround is a digital health platform that is solely focused on reducing distress and enhancing emotional well-being for people living with cancer. CanSurround partners with cancer centers and other health care providers nationwide to ease emotional suffering and increase resilience in patients and their loved ones. Prior experience includes: co-founder and CEO of Oncology Care Home Health Specialists, SVP of Oncology at WellDoc Inc. and founding/current board member of Cancer Care Connection.

Title: Co-founder/CEO

Company/Affiliation: CanSurround PBC

Industry: Healthcare/Technology

Interest: The role of the mind in health and healing, Mindful living, Long walks and great conversations at the Jersey shore with family and friends




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