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Prateeksha Singh

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Prateeksha Singh is a multi-disciplinary experience designer, who is interested in exploring how storytelling and art, in all its incarnations, can be used as a medium for public engagement. She draws inspiration from her varied background: personally- a serial traveler, black & white film photographer, and someone who has lived in eight countries and speaks four languages, and professionally- someone who has corporate (Certified Public Accountant, U.S), start-up/non-profit/social enterprise, academic and entrepreneurial experiences to draw from. She currently has a boutique design consultancy, mpathy, and attends OCAD University, pursuing a MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. Prateeksha is passionate about social justice, and drawn to working on issues surrounding food/eating experience, environment, gender, and the need to build greater social and personal resilience.

Title: Impact designer

Company/Affiliation: mpathy

Interest: Family, designing for empathy, embodiment practices, black & white film photography, textiles, wellbeing, art, nature, and resilience (to name a few!).

Industry: Experience Design

Twitter: @mpathyDesigns




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